Identifying a Story’s Theme

A story’s theme is the central idea or message of the piece. Without a central theme, a story is either lacking focus or skirts around a variety of unrelated topics. Having a theme makes a story more cohesive and, as a result, better for readers. All stories, regardless of genre, are about the human condition, and the themes they express reflect these universal truths. Using themes as a guide will help readers make sense of a work’s plot and characters.

Theme ideas can be quite complex, and sometimes the central idea of a story isn’t immediately obvious. One way to identify a theme is to examine the author’s intention when composing the story. For example, if the theme is preservation of innocence, then a story about a young man overcoming the haze of memory may be a novel about the plight of children. The theme may also include the character’s personal development as he works to resolve the mystery.know more from Unlock Snapchat

Themes are also important for a film’s success. For example, a movie could focus on a family unit, and attempt to show the underlying social ills. A movie with this theme could be about a middle-aged couple who live in a small town close to a large city. Their children are married, and they’re both unable to understand what drives people to act so violently. Ultimately, they must accept their own limitations and make peace with the world.HD movies download from Madrasrockers

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