Erin Robertson’s Ta-Ta Towel

The ‘Tata Towel’ is a popular product in LA. Designed by Erin, these towel covers keep your boobs dry and high. Each towel costs $40 or $50 and is made by women in Los Angeles. While the product went viral in 2017, and is already a huge hit, sales in 2018 were only $180,000. In order to reach a mass market, Erin needs to ramp up production and sell the product at a higher price point. click here for more info from Bible Verse

The Tata Towel is a perfect beach cover-up, but there are some things to keep in mind before purchasing. Firstly, you should avoid wearing your Tata Towel as your only top in public. While the product is perfectly acceptable to wear on the beach, it is not recommended for everyday use. For instance, you should wear a bra underneath a white top. Secondly, you should avoid pairing a dark-colored Tata Towel with a white top.

Erin Robertson first came up with the idea for the Tata Towel while she was getting ready for a date. On her date, she was trying out different methods to dry off her sweaty breasts but still couldn’t feel dry. Throughout the date, she thought about the problem. She decided to borrow a sewing machine and watched some Youtube tutorials to learn how to sew a ‘Tata Towel.’ She destroyed all of her towels before coming up with the prototype.

The Ta-Ta Towel has also provoked some uncomfortable conversations about breast-feeding and the issues of leaking at night. The product was created by Robertson in her living room. Within a year, it sold 1.1 million online. In 2018, Robertson pitched the idea to “Shark Tank” investors and has since become one of the most successful startups in history. The Ta-Ta Towel is available on the official website as well as on Amazon.

Erin Robertson, an entrepreneur and fashion designer, created the Ta-Ta Towel after a hot LA date that turned her into a sweaty mess. Her sweaty breasts kept her awake and she tried many different methods to dry them off. But her constant thoughts of how to dry her breasts led her to think of a solution. The Ta-Ta Towel is a revolutionary new product in the anti-nudity market.

A hammock-like bra that prevents under-boob sweat is the perfect solution to women’s problem. It holds breasts firmly and prevents them from drooping. Its ultra-soft rayon liner absorbs breast milk as it drips down the breasts. It is available on the Ta-Ta Towel website, as well as in various retail stores. It costs about $30 online. A lot of women have purchased this useful product.

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